Gr. 9 BTT – Your Entry


The entry point into all Chaminade Business and Technology courses, Gr. 9 BTT: Information and Communications Technology in Business, offers students with a dynamic opportunity to grow in their understanding of the active relationship between digital and technological communication and business practice.

The course focuses on the application of Microsoft Office products, Google applications, web-based presentation tools and digital media tools including Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premiere and other media enriched and web applications. The course also highlights the importance of curating a professional student learning portfolio – recognizing that the traditional resume has now evolved to include an individual’s digital footprint. As such, students take part in workshops that provide a framework for positive and mature online digital citizenship – including the use of social media as a professional networking and portfolio tool.

Here’s a short video highlighting the viability of students developing and sustaining a positive digital footprint.

From Dragon’s Den inspired workshops, to industry oriented field trips and participation in Ignite (Chaminade’s annual digital media showcase of Communications Technology works held at Yorkdale Silver City), this course promises to provide students with deep engagement and enrichment that promotes entrepreneurial spirit.

For students with an educational and/or career interest in business development, marketing, IT, programming, graphic design, video production, social media communications (and more), this course is one not to be missed.

Here are Chaminade Gr.9  BTT students in the press!

Toronto Star: “Forget the Resume – Online Profiles the Tool of Young Job Seekers

Metro Toronto: Toronto School Brings Star Wars into the Classroom

Here are examples of student work! Gr. 9 BTT students show their transferrable communication skills in the production of original brand commercials to highlight their understanding of marketing.