Recognizing that today’s students are the 21st Century digital learner, it’s imperative that students today have the knowledge and skills to apply their learning within a dynamic educational landscape that encourages them to be creative and collaborative young people, who are able to problem solve, innovate, provoke and leverage digital tools to show the world who they are and what they have to offer.

With an authentic understanding that the present and future is continuously evolving both in terms of post-secondary and workplace demands and expectations, the Business and ICT Studies Department at Chaminade College School provides  students with real world opportunities to evolve their entrepreneurial spirit with ability to be creative learners who can leverage digital tools to create rich works across all subject areas, curate and build professional learning portfolios and connect online with the goal to show industry and professionals their promising practice – opening doors while in high school for a future that promises to be so rich and awarding.

Grounded and influenced by the Catholic Graduate Expectations, Chaminade College Business and ICT students grow not only in their understanding of curriculum content but importantly will share their skills to become active and mature citizens who contribute to their communities in the tradition of Christ’s teachings.

Your Future is Here and begins with Gr. 9 BTT (Business and Information Communications Technology).

Click here for full details of Gr. 9 BTT programming – the gateway to your future as an active, enriched and technological gifted 21st Century digital learner and citizen.

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